Evil Campaign


The Kuo-Toa Town

The party arrived at the kuo-toa city of Sloobludop. Outside the town, they were confronted by kuo-toa, and handed over Shuushar to the kuo-toa hunters. The hunters then knocked the prisoners out cold with darts, and they awoke on the docks, tied to posts. They spoke to Bloppblippodd, the kuo-toa priestess who wished to sacrifice them and her father Shuushar to the Sea Father, Leemooggoogoon.

Brought before the shrine of the false god, an idol consisting of two octopuses lashed together over a manta ray, the party was presented to Blopp as a sacrificial peace offering, which she eagerly accepted with a lot of prayers and gesticulating, instructing her guards to add them to the existing sacrifice of a badly beaten duergar, centering them around a metal grate draining into the lake itself.

After much chanting and prayers, the duergar had his throat slit by one of the guards, his blood draining down the grate and pouring into the Darklake.

A bloody foam began to appear at the lake shore as a swarm of ixitxachitl, demonic manta rays, began attacking and consuming any kuo-toa that went too close to the shore. The fighting and feasting was then wholly interrupted by an ear-shattering and utterly inhuman howl followed by a bestial monstrosity emerging from the lake – the Deep Father, Leemooggoogoon himself, better known by his true name of Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, made his presence known to the Darklake if not the whole of the Underdark.

The demon lumbered forward from the middle of the Darklake, his huge form becoming all that more imposing the closer he got. Rather than wait for him to give them a closer look, the party instead left the scene, leaving their ally Gregor tied to his post. They made their way to a pair of small fishing boats at the dock and left the city behind them, watching its lights fade in the distance as the roars of the demon lord filled the cavern.



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