Evil Campaign

Through the Darkness

The Terrors that Lurk

The prisoners left Velkynvelve through the northern tunnel as it was the closest to their cell and the easiest to escape through while avoiding both the drow and the quaggoths. They fled as swiftly as their feet would carry them, not stopping for nearly an entire day, not resting until they felt they were far enough away from any pursuers to rest even slightly comfortably.

After their rest, Sarith informed the party that they were, rather unfortunately, presently on the path to Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders and one of the main cities of the drow. Jimjar suggested they all make their way to Blingdenstone as it was in the same direction, tough on the other side of Menzoberranzan so they would have to try navigating around the city. The myconid Stool wanted to go to his homeland of the Neverlight Grove, promising that his people will be grateful and offer aid and that his sovereign is wise in the hidden ways of the Underdark and may know how they can get home to the surface. In order to get there, they would need to follow Shuushar‘s directions to the Darklake and follow Sarith’s directions to the grove from there. With a destination now set, they headed into the darkness.

Travel through the Underdark proved to be arduous and exhausting. Luckily, only a few days out of Velkynvelve, Sarith was able to find three barrelstalks, large, edible mushrooms that store water in their stout stalks.

It wasn’t until the group was traversing a wide but short tunnel that they encountered their first of the Underdark’s more monstrous denizens – a carrion crawler. Disguised as a stalactite, it lashed with it’s tentacles, battering the goliath to the ground rather quickly but losing a tentacle in the process. As the beast was felled by Sabal, the others stood around the goliath, contemplating what to do. Sabal took initiative and slew the barbarian.
When Stool fled at the death of the Goliath, the party decided to continue with the plan.

Continuing along the long trip, the group continued to forage, finding the disgusting-smelling but surprisingly tasty and meat-like fungus known as ripplebark and several stalks of the wood-like but still edible zurkhwood. Across underground rivers, through steam vents, and over rope bridges they went, using the terrain to disguise their trail from Ilvara Mizzrym and her cadre of pursuers.

More interesting than mushrooms, the group came across the Silken Paths, where they met Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, two twin webrunner goblins that would help them across…for a fee. When they made it across the first half of the path, they stayed the night in the abode of the twins, a small cave within the Silken Paths. They later found a beholder that caught them in a life-and-death riddle game.

Once they reached solid ground again, they parted ways with the goblin brothers.
Further ahead the group encountered one of the most notable and unusual features of the Underdark – a faerzress, crystals that emit a strange radiation that disrupt magic and can cause harm to living creatures. These crystals caused hallucinations in the party, and also a magical surge from the group’s Source, Khadijah.

While on this path, they encountered a pool where they met a siren and a child of Avalon, Celeste and Thor respectively. Just then, the drow hunting party emerged behind them, and the group fled. Something stirred in the pool next to them, and from it emerged an aboleth! The aberration attacked the most intelligent creatures in the area, which, at the time, were the two drow priestesses pursuing the party of prisoners, which aided their escape.



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