An alhoon exiled from the mindflayer colony of Pen'Serre


This ullitharid is tall, gaunt, and white skinned, and his eyes tear through the soul. His normal slimy skin is sickly, and he smells of death and blood.


There is a particular name that the colony of Pen’Serre loathe to say: Annulus. This Annulus is an ullitharid which had chosen to go down the path of wizardry and then took the forbidden step into undeath becoming an alhoon. While an ullitharid becoming an alhoon is reason enough for his name to be thought like a curse by illithids, Annulus did something far worse.

Annulus stole away with several years of larvae from the Elder Brain’s pool, preserving them for experimentation. This experimentation involved implanting illithid larvae into non-humanoid hosts. While many of the hosts rejected the larvae completely (usually in a manner fatal to both the larva and host), and others required special preparations to be performed on one or both first, several new illithid-kin were created this way. While the illithids are looking for a way to destroy Annulus for his research, they hired the adventurers to retrieve a book that was stolen by the alhoon, one way or another.
Annulus was given knowledge of a weapon by Calamity, and has expressed the desire to use it on Pen’Serre.

“This. I can use this, certainly. Tell me, do you have more?”


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