Illvara Mizzrym

Priestess of Lolth and head gaoler at Velkynvelve


The drow priestess is a beautiful, elegant woman with a cruel heart. She treated her prisoners with utter disgust, and intentionally brutalized and underfed them while working them all to the bone.


Ilvara is a high priestess of Lolth and one of the leaders in House Mizzrym. She was in charge of the prison at Velkynvelve and was to deliver the prisoners back to Menzoberranzan though the escort never showed up.

When the prisoners escaped, she pursued them through the Underdark, leading the Drow Hunting Party. She was last seen near a pool when an aboleth attacked, though her ultimate fate is unknown as the party fled during the confusion. There were drow rumored to be looking for the party in Gracklstugh, though none of the party could confirm whether or not Illvara was with them.

Illvara Mizzrym

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