Myconid Circle Leaders

Leaders of the facets of Myconid society


They are all myconids with varying muchroom-like appearances.


Myconid society is extremely regimented with every member belonging to a specific circle, each led by the eldest myconid of that circle.

Loobamub is the leader of the Circle of Hunters. By far the biggest myconid in the grove, it is an experienced hunter whose wariness has led him to not fully trust Phylo’s new way of thinking.

Gasbide leads the Circle of Builders and is a staunch supporter of Phylo, already changing much of the grove to match the designs of their new way of thinking.

Hebopbe leads the Circle of Growers and is responsible for most the food for the entire grove. As one of the more important circle leaders, it has tried to remain largely impartial to allow the sovereigns to sort out their own business, not much caring for Phylo’s new ideas but also not seeing much legitimacy to Basidia’s concerns.

Yrberop is the leader of the Circle of Sporers, the circle responsible for tending to the new sprouts of the grove. Always swaying to a music only it can hear, Yrberop is one of the most powerful psychics in the grove and wholeheartedly supports Phylo’s new ideas and wants to spread the joy of the Great Seeder to all the Underdark.

Rasharoo leads the Circle of Explorers, the only group of myconids to regularly leave the Neverlight Grove. Frequent trips outside of the grove has made the changes in its citizens all the more apparent to Rasharoo and it is staunchly with Basidia in opposing Phylo’s plans.

Myconid Circle Leaders

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