The Librarians

The librarians of the great Gravenhollow


Ulthar was the most patient of the librarians living in Gravenhollow.
Ulthar was always busy sorting and filing ancient texts, maintaining the immeasurably vast catalog that organized them. When he was not cross-referencing the expanding collection, Ulthar composed epic poetry and restored and curated the walls of the library.

Urmas was the busiest of the librarians living in Gravenhollow.
Urmas regularly kept in touch with all giants community in Underdark using a vast network of magically augmented subterranean beasts used as messengers. One of his most frequent questioned was Stonekeeper Hgraam in Gracklstugh. He was also in constant contact with all stone giants mystic and some xorn and galeb duhr servants.

Ustova was the most reserved of the librarians living in Gravenhollow.
Ustova spent all her time in meditation, sensing visions of the future that she transcribed on stone tablets. She kept a special eye on the futures of all giant communities in the Underdark, hoping to maybe see a clue to rebuilding the once-great giant civilization


The Librarians

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