A red dragon that tends the fires in Gracklstugh


Themberchaud is a red dragon of great size and sports eating habits that do not bode well for him. Despite his massive size, he looks as powerful as any red dragon, and sits atop his hoard in the keep for most afternoons. __


Themberchaud is a red dragon held by the Keepers of the Flame in Gracklstugh as he is viewed as a herald of their deity. He sought the party’s assistance as the Keepers had discovered a red dragon egg and hid it with plans to raise it on their own to replace him. Though comfortable with the treasure and abundance of food they provided to him, Themberchaud did not like the idea of the wyrmling being raised to replace him, nor did he like the prospect of what the dwarves may do with him afterwards.
He is known as Father of Flame, the Everburning, the Wyrmsmith of Gracklstugh, and the Foundry’s Heart.
When his wishes had been carried out with little trouble, he helped the adventurers escape their drow pursuit.
He is a member of the Society of Brilliance.

“Gartokarr, you didn’t say I was having surfacers for dinner today.”


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