Tag: Gauntlgrym


  • King Bruenor Battlehammer

    Bruenor contacted the adventurers while they were on their way to his hold, and when they arrived, he treated them to his hospitality. Later, he told them that he had gathered allies to begin enacting a counterattack against the demon lords, offering …

  • Sir Lanniver Strayl

    He attended Bruenor's feast, reluctant to come to any agreement with the Zhentarim also attending. He was convinced by the siren Celeste, and provided troops to the cause after a heated discussion.

  • Morista Malkin

    Morista lives in the city of Gauntlgrym and attended the feast, where she spoke with Nexus and provided troops and lizard mounts to the cause. She also asked the adventurers to find her scout, Sladis, a wood elf who was supposed to scout the tunnels of …

  • Lord Eravien Haund

    Lord Eravien attended the feast and was later spoken to by Alistair, who partook in various drinks and substances with the elf. The noble gave several guards and spies to the cause.

  • Sergeant Knox

    Knox was at the feast held by Bruenor, and aided the cause by giving five of his own soldiers to the cause after a discussion with Khadijah.

  • Davra Jassur

    Davra gave eight of her assassins to the cause after attending the feast and speaking with Sabal and Sarith.