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  • The Society of Brilliance

    [[File:696215 | class=media-item-align-center | tumblr_nnz8c47hSh1utl5vjo1_1280.jpg]] The Society of Brilliance is a sect of highly intelligent monsters that have banded together to solve all the Underdark’s problems as well as improve the relations of …

  • Blurg

    Blurg is a member of [[The Society of Brilliance | The Society of Brilliance.]] Though not magically inclined, he is a masterful sailor, tracker, and hunter, doing a lot of the society’s fieldwork that doesn’t require a vast knowledge of the arcane.

  • Grazilaxx

    Grazilaxx is an illithid member of the [[The Society of Brilliance | Society of Brilliance]] encountered by the party to hire them to quell the asylum riot. He is generally calm and shows a distinct lack of desire to eat the brains of humanoids, or he at …

  • Sloopidoop

    Sloopidoop, or Sloop as he goes by for those who have a hard time with kuo-toan language, is a member of the [[The Society of Brilliance | Society of Brilliance]] who specializes in the environs in and around the Darklake.

  • Themberchaud

    Themberchaud is a red dragon held by the Keepers of the Flame in Gracklstugh as he is viewed as a herald of their deity. He sought the party’s assistance as the Keepers had discovered a red dragon egg and hid it with plans to raise it on their own to …

  • Zellix

    Zellix was a mind flayer who founded and managed an asylum in the Underdark. Zellix discovered that brains of people infected by madness were more succulent and tasty than others. So it founded an asylum where it could keep them. If a patient was not …